Student Requirements for Off Site Proctored Exams

Some University of Toledo instructors require students enrolled in online courses to take proctored exams.

Approved Proctors:

Proctors May Not Be:

Who completes this form: students outside of the Toledo area in courses requiring proctored testing.

What is needed: a completed form for each course requiring proctoring. Plan to use the same proctor for all your tests for the term and you only have to complete the form once.
When is the form due in LV: within the first 3 weeks of the term, or before if a test is scheduled earlier.

When testing outside the Toledo area this proctor form must be completed and submitted within the first 3 weeks of the semester, or earlier if a proctored exam is scheduled before this time, for each course requiring proctoring.

Notify Learning Ventures of any proctor changes 419-530-8835, toll free 866-886-5336 or complete and submit another proctor form. Once a proctor has been approved, an email is sent to the student and instructor and the proctor information is valid for the entire semester. To ensure adequate time to process and validate proctors, this form MUST be completed on time.

On-campus proctoring arrangements are made with the instructor at the scheduled time, date and location they provide. The Memorial Field House Testing Center (419-530-2011) is available for proctored on-campus testing conflicts arise, and arrangements are made with, and by approval of, the course instructor.

Proctor Information Form (This form must be completed in English, except where indicated, or it will not be accepted.)

* = Required field

  The proctor must be able to speak, read and write English.

This institution name will be verified.

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Additional Information - Please check if applicable:

I Am a High School Dual Credit Student: Yes No

I require assistance throughstudent disability services: Yes No