Faculty Online Teaching Readiness Survey

Are you ready to teach online?
Take this self-assessment survey to identify your current strengths and skills, and to learn how UT Online can help to make your online teaching journey a rewarding experience.

Basic Technical Skills

  1. I can use Microsoft Office tools such as Word and PowerPoint to create documents.
  2. I can perform file management on my computer, such as copying, moving, renaming, and deleting files or folders.
  3. I can send and receive emails, and open and send email attachments. 
  4. I can use an Internet browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, to search the Web, and upload/download files and programs.

Learning Management System (Blackboard) Experience

  1. I am comfortable using Blackboard tools to build an online course.
  2. I am comfortable using Web 2.0 tools in Blackboard to facilitate student learning.
  3. I am comfortable using Blackboard’s assessment tools to evaluate student performance.
  4. I am comfortable using Blackboard’s Grade Center to record student grades.

Course Planning & Time Management:

  1. I am detailed oriented.
  2. I am good at organizing teaching materials.
  3. I expect online teaching to take more time than face-to-face instruction, and I am prepared for it.
  4. I am willing to provide timely and constructive feedback on student performance.


  1. I feel comfortable communicating through writing and can do it easily.
  2. I feel more comfortable communicating through speech than through writing.
  3. I feel comfortable conveying my personality and/or emotions through writing.
  4. I feel comfortable conveying my personality and/or emotions through speaking (audio/video).

Course Design

  1. I feel comfortable writing measurable learning objectives based on Bloom’s taxonomy.
  2. I feel comfortable designing active learning activities that provide students opportunities to interact with their peers, their instructor, and course content.
  3. I understand copyright law and Fair Use guidelines when using copyrighted materials.
  4. I understand accessibility policies and know how to accommodate student needs.